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You’ve received notice of your child’s suspension. Now what?



What to do

  1. Suspension hearings processes are fast-moving and can be complicated, so reach out to us as soon as you can by filling out our contact form or calling our intake line at 212-998-6753 and leaving a voice mail. 

  2. An intake manager will call you to complete a short intake interview. 

  3. Email us ( the suspension packet you received from the school. 

  4. Email us any background information you have on your student, including any IEP or other disability plan (including 504 Behavioral Intervention Plans).

  5. Do not enter a plea of no-contest, over the phone or otherwise, until you speak with us. Doing so waives your student’s right to a suspension hearing.

What we’ll do if able to take your case


  1. Pair you with two SRP advocates.

  2. Meet with you and your student to determine all of the relevant facts. meeting with your student one-on-one to get their side of the story.

  3. Work with you and your student to find a hearing strategy that works best for your student.

  4. Get any additional documents from the school, meet with witnesses, and prepare a hearing strategy.

  5. Check in with you throughout the hearing process to ensure that you and your child are informed promptly of any updates in the case. 


Here’s what else you need to know


  1. If you did not receive notice of your student’s suspension and heard about the suspension indirectly, let us know immediately. The school is required to send notice that should reasonably reach you within 24 hours of suspension.

  2. You and your student have the right to representation at a suspension hearing. 

  3. While your student is awaiting their suspension hearing, they are entitled to alternative instruction. For students in grades Kindergarten through 8th, full day instruction must be provided. For high schoolers, at least two hours of alternate instruction must be provided. More often than not this is at an Alternative Learning Center. The location of the Alternative Learning Center should be included in the suspension letter. 

  4. A principal's suspension has a maximum of five days. A regional superintendent’s suspension can last up to 90 days. If a suspension longer than 90 days is instituted, the student will have the chance to apply for reinstatement after 90 days.

  5. When a school tries to suspend a student they must conduct an investigation. The investigation will include:

    • Questioning the alleged victim and witnesses.

    • Questioning the accused student, and informing them of the alleged misconduct.

    • Providing the accused student with the evidence against them.

    • Providing the accused student the opportunity to tell their side of the story.

    • Providing the accused student with the opportunity to submit a written statement.

  6. The investigation is required to occur within a reasonable time frame—the same day as the alleged incident if possible. An investigation must take place before the suspension is approved.

  7. Accommodations are available for students with disabilities. If your student has an IEP and has been suspended for more than 10 days in a single academic year, they must be immediately reinstated or placed in an appropriate school environment.


Other Resources SRP Can Provide


​SRP strives to assist our clients both in their suspension hearings and with any other services that may help the student feel more comfortable in school. Below is a short guide on the other resources SRP can provide.

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