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Suspension Representation Project
Advocating for NYC Students Since 2007


The Suspension Representation Project represents New York City public school students in suspension hearings. Our Advocates are law students attending NYC law schools. SRP pairs new law student advocates with experienced law student advocates in its attempt to provide excellent training for law students and excellent advocacy for clients. SRP routinely helps to shorten the length of the suspension or eliminate the suspension, helping kids stay in school.

SRP also partners with community organizations to advocate for justice in schools.


At the Suspension Representation Project, we are committed to safely advocating for your students during the COVID-19 pandemic.


For the sake of everyone’s health and safety, all pre-hearing interviews and communications will occur by video or phone call. We want to replicate the experience of a  face-to-face meeting as much as possible. Video interviews are preferred. If you do not have access to video chat technology, we will gladly give you a call.


There are two kinds of school suspensions. Principal’s suspensions last 5 days or less. Superintendent’s suspensions last longer than 5 days and give the student the right to an administrative hearing. If you received a Suspension Notice from the New York City Department of Education in the mail, your child has received a Superintendent’s suspension.


Superintendent’s suspensions severely impact a student’s education—they are noted on a student’s permanent record. Suspended students have the right to a suspension hearing, to determine whether a student may continue to be suspended for her behavior, and if so, the length of time the student may be kept out of her regular school.

Guardians have the right to bring an advocate to the suspension hearing.  Suspended students also have the right to postpone their case in order to find representation. The goal of the Suspension Representation Project (SRP) is to help every student receive a fair hearing.  SRP advocates may be able to help you prepare your defense, represent you at the hearing, and uphold your rights. If you’re interested in getting help from SRP, please call (212) 998-6753 or fill out the contact form on this site.

Thanks for reaching out!


Participating Law Schools:

Brooklyn Law School

Cardozo School of Law

Columbia Law School

Fordham Law School

New York University School of Law

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